Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meadowsweet (Filipendula 'Kakome')

Filipendula 'Kakome'
Synonyms: Double Meadow-sweet, Dwarf Meadowsweet, 'Kahome'

I took these pictures at the nursery in Long Island though I have been growing this plant for several years. I have it sited in a part shade moist area and it seems very happy. I know it can grow in almost wet conditions also. I like it better than Queen of the Prairie (Filipendula rubra) and Queen of the Meadow (Filipendula ulmaria) mainly because it is a dwarf form (12 inches) that doesn’t flop or sprawl. It has been in the garden a long time and hasn’t needed to be divided yet. The flower and foliage color is good and it has shown deer resistance. The flowers are corymbs that look a lot like Astilbe.

Here are a couple more pictures from the ferry. There were two Jet-skis that were putting on a show riding up the wake of the ferry. It was better entertainment than the usual feeding Doritos® to the sea gulls. To be fair I wanted to post the power plant that is on the Port Jefferson side of the ferry trip.


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I have tried to grow meadowsweet to no avail. I think it likes it much wetter than I can provide.

Love the photos, the pholox is gorgeous, love their scent.

Ki said...

The meadowsweet is a beaut. I'll have to add it to my list of must haves. Thanks for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I like that meadowsweet. Is it an interspecific cross? It looks a bit denser than F. rubra v. Kakome is now on my list which is pretty long! I love your site with all of its' information and great pictures so, thanks!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. Medowsweet does seem to do better with moisture. Some of my F. rubra is actually going semi-aquatic by growing into one of the ponds.

I think you will like the compact size of this one.

I am pretty sure that 'Kahome' is actually a cultivar of Japanese Meadowsweet (Filipendula purpurea). Don't quote me on that, though. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. I am learning a lot with this blog and it is nice to share some of the info with other gardeners.