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Roses from the BBG

This is probably the last post on my trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Cranford Rose Garden. Here is an except from the history of the Rose Garden:

“In June 1928, the Cranford Rose Garden celebrated the grand opening of what has become one of the largest and finest rose gardens in this country. It was designed by Harold Caparn, a landscape architect for Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Montague Free, the Garden's horticulturist. Caparn had drawn the plans several years earlier, at the request of Stuart Gager, the first director of BBG.”

Full History.

They have a lot of other information on the rose garden if you click around a bit.

I got a couple of pictures of the roses although the heat had kind of got to them by the time of my visit. You could tell they had been blooming a lot by all the spent flowers. The roses I care for at work all had a great season but this next heat wave is going to knock them back.

This first rose is ‘About Face’ (cv. WEK osupalz). It is a Grandiflora Rose that won the AARS award in 2005. It has a light fragrance (I didn’t notice it) and a petal count of 35. Some of the parents of this rose include ‘Hot Cocoa’, ‘Ole Sole Mia’ and ‘Midas Touch’, all roses that I like. This rose has a very unusual color, which was quite captivating.

This next rose is a 2008 AARS winner called ‘Dream Come True’. Here is the story of how it was hybridized by a retired obstetrician.

It looks to be a nice rose, following the trend to more multi-colored types. I had to step way into the rose bed to get this picture and was worried someone might see me as I quickly snapped the photo. I don’t really feel bad doing something like that as I am a professional gardener but I wouldn’t want anyone to get upset about it. If the roles were reversed and you were stepping into my plant beds to get a photo it would be okay, as long as you were careful.

This last rose photo is of the rose ‘Lady Elsie May’ (cv. ’Angelsie’). This is a shrub rose that won an AARS award in 2005. It is the only rose I have grown out of the ones pictures here and in my mind it is a winner. This rose has it’s own website which I thought was funny.
Lady Elsie

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