Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blue Anise Sage - Argentine Skies

Blue Anise Sage
Salvia guaranitica 'Argentine Skies'
(SAL-vee-uh) (gwar-uh-NYE-tik-uh)
Synonym: Brazilian Sage, ‘Argentina Skies’

This Salvia has a unique sky blue color that mixes well with pastel colors in the garden. It seems slightly shorter than ‘Black and Blue’ and a little less dramatic. Several sources have listed the hardiness zone as USDA 6 but I am wondering if that is correct. If I had known this earlier I would have left a few test ‘Black and BlueSalvia in the ground instead of ripping them all out last week. Speaking of ripping up the Salvia it has a peculiar root system that almost looked like tubers. I would to hear from anybody that has over wintered it that far north.

Salvia is the largest genus in the mint family (Lamiaceae), there are about 900 species in the genus. I keep seeing new ones and it seems to be an easy to grow, carefree genus to work with. ‘Black and Blue’ really brings in the hummingbirds. I want to try ‘Purple Splendor’ next year. I have never seen it but it sounds nice :lol:

This is some fall color of an unknown Hosta cultivar. Hosta gets great fall color (if the deer or rabbits let it) that is quite persistent.

Juno is pretty sick. We have had her up to the doctors several times but her GI track is not performing well. Needless to say this has upset our little household. We are taking her on Monday back to the doctor and I hope they can do something. We have been tending our vet’s garden, which is quite beautiful, in exchange for services, and it has worked out well for both parties.

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