Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hardy Blue Plumbago

Hardy Blue Plumbago
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
(ser-uh-toh-STIG-muh) (plum-bah-gih-NOY-deez)
Synonym: Leadwort

This plant is one of my favorite groundcovers. The flower color is fantastic, an almost perfect shade of blue. It is also gets a wonderful red fall color and at this time of year they overlap. My experience cultivating Ceratostigma hasn’t been stellar. It hasn’t been very bad but it hasn’t really flourished. The patches of Leadwort I saw in California were growing in some pretty tough conditions. The soil didn’t look great and it was really dry. I will have to try some with those conditions in the garden. Looking back I was probably over watering my Leadwort.

These are pictures from Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma. The gardens were featured a couple of posts ago and these are some of the things the galleries had for sale. There are about 4 or 5 stores that sell a variety of artwork and garden ornaments. The doors in this picture were for sale and if I were outfitting a high-end house and garden in Sonoma this is where I would shop. These were real doors but you could use them as wall panels, too. That would look great as a backdrop to a terrace or an entrance to a courtyard.

These cows were colorful and pretty whimsical. That is one thing I like about California gardens, people aren’t afraid to add some fun elements to the garden. I liked the pink one's hair. There is a little something for everyone at Cornerstone. Everything from these pigs up to $45K sculptures. The little cafĂ© is nice and has some unusual items.

While we were in California we met up with a friend from Sacramento at the Napa Valley Wine Train. This was the only real shot I got of the ride. It was a nice experience and we had a lot of fun but I would like to try it when the days are a little longer. The train is very plush and the food and wine was great.


i beati said...

how funny the cows- most of my front is plumbago..Sandy

Les said...

I have tried to photograph my plumbago for weeks, but they must be camera shy. My best shots would be embarassing compared to yours.

Diane Dehler said...

Hi Chris,
I have never taken that train although I lived in that area once for a year. There is a dahlia gardener who sells fabulous plants at the Sebastopol flea market. Next time you visit you should check it out. Also, I recommend the Berkeley Rose Garden. If you ever do get to Berkeley maybe I could meet you and your wife there, as I visit on a regular basis.

The weather here has gotten warm again (record highs) and my chrysanthemums are finally getting ready to bloom. Incredible, as in a few weeks it will be December. They have endured scorching temperatures and three major rain storms. Those delicate flowers are much sturdier than they appear. Of course I did bring them in at night. It started getting so bad I felt I might as well put a dog collar on them and admit they are my pets. At least I am not as bad as an orchid fiend. A few years ago there were these fun mysteries about orchid devotees who would go off and vanish in the middle of wild areas where they grow. Stealing.. kidnapping.. threatening letters. lol You have to watch out for those orchid people.

Take care and thanks for stopping for a little visit.

Les said...

I was alerted to the fact that there is a web site using pictures and words from various gardening blogs - without permission. Your Plumbago picture and some of your text are there.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

les, thanks. These type of people are a pain in the butt. Keep shooting pictures and you will bag that Plumbago at some point. There are several flowers I have never gotten a good picture of but I keep trying.

Hi Princess, We have a friend that lives in Berkeley and he was nice enough to take us to the Rose Garden. It is wonderful. The Botanical Garden at the University above it is splendid too. My sister is in Hawaii right now looking for a house. If it doesn't work out she is going to move to Marin County. I would love to meet you and see the mums.

Hi Sandy, thanks for stooping by. You probably have the 'real' Plumbago at your house.