Monday, November 03, 2008

Korean Chrysanthemum - Painted Ladies

Korean Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum NYBG SeriesPainted Ladies

Some mums from the New York Botanical Garden’s Korean Chrysanthemum collection. In general Korean Chrysanthemums are an elegant and classy plant to have in the garden. They sure are hard to buy especially at the wholesale level. This first mum was a luscious primrose color. Not the kind of color I would usually associate with fall but it looked beautiful mixed in amongst the bolder, heavier colors.

This second mum is also a NYBG Series. The name ‘Butternut’ fits it perfectly. It was growing in a little more shade than the other Chrysanthemums so it had a few less blooms but that was okay it still looked great.

This last photo is an unnamed mum but it was a true fall color to me. It feels good to post a couple of flower pictures. I want to thank everyone for indulging me in some not so botanical pictures. I have been really working hard on being able to take pictures of other subjects besides flowers.

While I was at the NYBG I visited the Kiku Chrysanthemum Festival. This year’s festival is much better than the one I reviewed last year. The light was good and there weren’t too many people so I was able to get some nice pictures. I am getting behind on processing pictures. I still have a lot of California images to go through.

I have added a side bar link to one of my favorite blogs:
Les @ A Tidewater Gardener
Please take time to visit. You will find some interesting things posted there.


Anonymous said...

I always love to come and look at your pictures... said...

You are a site after my own heart. I love flowers, and they are the most frequent subject of my own art.

I couldn't find a contact url for you, but I wanted to ask you about a link exchange for our respective blogs, as they are complementary. Our main site, Color Bakery, is extremely high-trafficked.

I hope to hearfrom you and those Chrysanthemums are luscious :)


Les said...

I certainly thank you for the side bar link.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Les and Lynn thanks for commenting.

Hi Mindy, I will consider the link.

Diane Dehler said...

Thanks for posting these elegant ladies, Chris. I am still trying to get my 14 chrysanthemums to bloom. First it was in the high eighties until two weeks ago and now it's raining. My darlings (growing in planters) are currently sitting indoors as I have one almost ready to burst into magenta. I had no idea this would be such an avocation. These creatures are more like pets as I have been nurturing them since last June. If they stay in their planters much longer they'll start learning to talk. said...

Please, no need to consider a link exchange, as I changed my mind. We Sagittarians are so capricious!

Mindy Sommers