Friday, November 07, 2008

Golden Spike Winter Hazel

Golden Spike Winter Hazel
Corylopsis spicata 'Golden Spring'
(kor-uh-LOP-sis) (spi-KAH-tuh)

This plant's fall color is amazing to me. It gets kind of a golden-pink hue to it and when the sun is shining on it the leaves really light up. It is a new cultivar of Corylopsis and it cost an arm and a leg. It gets up to 6 to 8 feet tall but mine is about a foot tall and had maybe 12 leaves this year. I may have missed the flowers this year if it had any as it blooms very early.

I had my camera at work the other day and snapped these pictures of this very nice Golden Barberry seedling. It is several years old now and I am debating if we should rip up the stones to transplant it to a better location. It truly grew in about a one-inch crack between the granite paving and the fieldstone wall. It really gets a great fall color and the summer color is bright, bright gold. I think it is worth saving. This year’s seedling roundup at the Estate produced a few nice items. Seedling day, and it is actually a couple of days, is where we go around and transplant all the plants that have seeded themselves. They have to be either out of place or something special to be moved. I got a couple of Viburnums, Dogwoods and Hydrangeas this year.

Here is a flower picture. This Korean Chrysanthemum is nice since it has some blush pink in the flowers. I notice that some of the white ones tend to turn a little pink when they have gone by but this one had the pink blush built in right from the start.


Les said...

I like the idea of seedling day. It sounds like found treasure.

joey said...

Always a joy visiting, Chris, but Golden Spike Winter Hazel captured my heart.