Saturday, September 29, 2007

Festival of Roses

Hybrid Tea Rose 'Folklore'

Digital Flower's 2007 Festival of Roses

Today I went to the Bronx and visited the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden. The garden was so loaded with flowers as I walked down the stairs I thought it looked like a Rose Festival. That is when the idea came to me to have a Rose Festival on this blog. For the next seven days each post will feature one to several roses.

Since my friend Ki at plants and is pretty much posting all the flowers that bloom now in the North Temperate Zone from his great garden I figured it was a good time to just concentrate on roses. I got a lot of good pictures in New York even though I was battling bright sun and a 20 mile per hour gusty wind and I still have some pictures from the Rose Gardens I am tending and the FDR and Vanderbilt gardens, so that should be enough pictures to cover it. Some of the flowers may have already been covered by this blog, however, these will be all new photos taken within the last two weeks.

So without further fanfare or fanfaronade here is a sneak peak at the Official Digital Flower 2007 Festival of Roses.

This is this rose that I went to photograph. The last time I was at the NYBG this rose really captivated me. Unfortunately the pictures I took of ‘Folklore’ didn’t come out very well. That made it the first on my list this time. My heart sank a little when I first looked at the patch of ‘Folklore’ and then I saw this flower kind of inside the taller growth and spent blooms. I wish I had used a tiny bit more Depth of Field but this is what I came up with. I am a sucker for roses of this color.

I did manage to find this single flower of ‘Folklore’ on the edge of all the plants. I like the compact shape of the flower even after it opens. It really is a classic rose in all respects, shape, smell, color and size. This rose seems to get very tall, up to 8 feet, so plant it in the rear of the garden.

Here are some quick facts on Folklore:

Type: Hybrid Tea
Petal Count: 50Fragrance: Yes, Strong
Parentage: Fragrant Cloud x Seedling
Origin: Germany/W. Kordes & Sons
Color: Orange/Orange Blend
Synonyms: KORlore, Selbar 01105
ARS Rating; 8.5

More info on the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden here:
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