Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Floribunda Rose ‘Molly McGredy’

Floribunda Rose ‘Molly McGredy
Synonyms: MACmo

Since I got reviewed in the award-winning San Diego Rose Society’s newsletter ‘Rose Ramblings’ I thought I would post a rose photograph. Plus, Misti, a cool blogger from Florida asked me to keep posting some roses here we go. This is possibly the most interesting rose I saw all summer. There were about 40 plants in various stages of blooming and I found them all amazing. More than a novelty, the colors were gorgeous and fit tighter perfectly. The bush itself was stubby and compact.

Bred: 1968 by Samuel Darragh McGredy IV
Introduced: New Zealand by McGredy Roses International
Fragrance: Mild
Height: 36 inches
Parentage: Paddy McGredy x (Mme Leon Cuny x Columbine)

My idea for roses in my lifetime is that the gardener may order any colour he wants in any form -- as a bush rose, as a climber, or as a miniature. I would do away with the terms 'hybrid tea' and 'floribunda'. Instead I would classify roses according to use -- for house decoration, for garden display, for exhibition, for climbing or rambling, for ground cover, for greenhouses..."
A Family of Roses, by Sam McGredy and Sean Jennett

Wouldn’t that be great if we could order roses like that.

These are from the Garden Party in Greenwich I attended on the weekend. The lion planter was made of cement and had the nice kind of bronzy grass planted in his head.


Sandy Carlson said...

Congratulations on the review! This is a stunning photo. Thanks for the essay, too!

Misti said...

Wow. That is a fantastic photo and rose. The red is stunning! Most red's are more of a maroon, but this is toe polish red. And the white underneath. Wow!!! I'm going to keep on dreaming about roses now.

Sue said...

Lovely photos! I enjoyed this entry :) My Mom used to grow red roses, but I've never had much luck with them.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

sandy, thanks.

misti, hi there. You are right it was a very nice color.

sue, Glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes when a certain type of plant doesn't work for me a give it another try after awhile. Mr. Lincoln and Chrysler Imperial are two pretty dependable reds. One of favorites is Opening Night also a pretty easy rose. Or you can just buy them at the florist or supermarket, sometimes that's easier.