Thursday, September 20, 2007

Large-leaf Princess Flower (Tibouchina grandiflora)

Large-leaf Princess Flower
Tibouchina grandiflora
Synonyms: Glory Flower

The color of this flower immediately caught my attention. It is striking and not quite faithfully reproduced by my trusty camera. There is just something, to me, about rich purple flowers. I have grown the Princess Flower (Tibouchina urvilleana) before and seen it growing outdoors in warmer areas but I hadn’t seen this one before. I would characterize it was a smaller more intense Princess Flower. I don’t understand the scientific name of this plant. Grandiflora would indicate large flowers but they are actually smaller than most Tibouchina. That may need looking into and I did find a website that said this plant maybe a form of T. heteromalla. I guess it doesn’t matter because the flower and velvety dark green foliage are beautiful and that is what matters.

This plant is hardy to USDA Zone 9 and can get up to 12 feet tall. This particular specimen was growing in a greenhouse and looked very healthy but my attempts to over winter the Princess Flower in the Conservatory at work ended miserably. That was probably my fault if anyone knows any tricks let me know. I would love to start with a large plant in the spring as opposed to getting a new smaller one each spring.

I have been posting a lot of Black and White photography and people have been kind in their assessment of it. I am pretty happy with some of the photos but want to get better at it. Maybe a few black and white flowers. They would have be the right ones in order for that to work. This picture is of the Whitney Museum in Manhattan. It is right across the street from Grand Central Terminal (which a corner of is reflected in the window if you look real hard). When I saw it I knew it would be a good picture but no matter what I tried I couldn’t get the perspective distortion out of it. I shot this with the Coolpix 8400 with the lens at a 24mm equivalent. I took some pictures then went over to GCT to get a cup of coffee and head into the Subway when I accidentally deleted them so it was back across the street for a reshoot. That never seems to work out well for me.

After 3 days of super intensive gardening work my body feels a little beat up. It doesn’t bounce back quite the way it used to. Oh well, I got a lot done and it was exciting. It is back into the trenches today as I tackle a half acre of Purple Joe Pye Weed, it has got to go!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

that flower is gorgeous!

smiles, bee

Sandy Carlson said...

That really is amazing. This really is grand.

I know what you mean about the color and the camera. Sometimes I go back outside to see what the actual color was.

I have a friend who photographs with good old film and scans his prints. He is amazed at the difference in images he gets as B&W and as color in Photoshop. He sees things he never saw before and things that just aren't there! Somehow it's all very exciting.

I love your photos that place me on the petal of an extraordinary flower. Your images teach me to look carefully! Thanks.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

smiles to you also, empress.

Hi sandy, Digital is an adventure. Sometimes everything works perfectly and sometimes it doesn't quite work the way it should. Then there is the whole thing about color spaces and monitor calibration.

Thanks for your comments regarding the pictures.

:lol: did you say he shoots film?

Catherine said...

That is a Gorgeous flower!!
Your photo's are stunning!!
Thanks for sharing your beauty!!

Debra said...

Nice picture. I just purchased a Tibouchina grandiflora and hope to winter it inside. I'm a fool for discounted plants and I've wanted one of these plants for a few years now. I was told that lots of sun and humidity should keep the plant healthy until spring. Spider mites are a problem indoors, however. I also read online that this plant will tolerate a light freeze if it is planted in a sunny location next to a wall where it will be warm and protected. I'm torn between attempting to build an artificial indoor tropical haven versus letting it fight for life outdoors (with some help from me).