Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Sweet Surrender’

Hybrid Tea Rose ‘Sweet Surrender

This site seems to be loading real slowly over the last couple of days. My apologies for that. I took off some of the widgets and don’t know if I found the problem. I see quite a few people signed up for subscriptions to this blog through feedburner and for that thanks. Yesterday was the first day I figured out how to get it working. I am not sure if anybody else is like me in the fact that some areas of technology I can master easily but other areas less so. I tend to avoid those areas but when I tried feedburner again it seemed easy to set up, maybe since I am using Firefox now.

Yesterday after a few work appointments I decided to drive up to Hyde Park, New York. I have been working one day a week up there at a large horse farm. It really is a beautiful area and not too far from my house. I had seen a couple of pictures that I wanted to take on the way to work and also seen the signs for the FDR Presidential Library. After a little research I found there were a couple of other big Estates in the area and decided to visit the FDR house and the Vanderbilt Mansion. I got quite a few good pictures even though the light was difficult. I plan on making a couple of posts over the next few days on the trip. I don’t want to post too many pictures at once until I am sure the site loading problem is fixed.

Bud and Bloom of Hybrid Tea Rose 'Sweet Surrender'

One of the highlights of the trip was the Rose Garden at the FDR house. I didn’t pay to go into the house, which looked a little run down to me. The grounds were in good condition and the Rose Garden was exceptional. Not that big but plenty of varieties and flowers. It is the late president’s and Eleanor’s final resting place. There is a nice flower border and the grave is flanked by a large row of Peonies. It seemed like a nice, peaceful resting place. By all accounts the President loved the area and the house.

Here are few notes on today’s rose. It is a very fragrant Hybrid Tea that has large flowers. It won the AARS award in 1983 (for more information on the awards click here ).

In case you feel like stopping to smell the roses I found this tidbit on the AARS website: “The best time to smell roses is midmorning when the sun has just reached the garden. The fragrance will be most intense when the bloom is 1/4 to 2/3 open.

Bred by: Weeks Roses, US, 1983
Petal Count: 40-45
Parentage: Seedling × Tiffany (hybrid tea, Lindquist, 1954)

Black and White 'Peace' rose from the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Rose Garden in Hyde Park, New York

This black and white portrait of the ‘Peace’ rose seems fitting for a post about FDR. Although we all know that peace is seldom a black and white issue. My wife was laughing at me saying I should call this site Digital Rose I told her I don’t discriminate all flowers are welcome here!

These two quotes are from the speech FDR was to give on April 13, 1945 at the Jefferson Day Dinner, he died the day before.

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be
our doubts of today, so let us move forward with strong
and active faith."

"If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science
of human relationships--the ability of all people of all kinds,
to live together and work together in the same world, at peace."


dot said...

I have you on my bloglines. I may not always comment but I do look and I always say "beautiful! beautiful!" because your flowers always are!

Creative Blogger said...

beautiful pictures and I especially love the white rose, amazing!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

dot, thanks. your visits and comments are always welcome.

creative blogger, nice to see you outside of blog catalog. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. I almost didn't post the b&w rose but am now glad I did.

AVCR8TEUR said...

I've always liked the hybrid tea rose. Thanks for the pictures and the tidbit about rose smelling.

UKBob said...

I will look forward to seeing more of your visit. In a recent survey the rose was voted Britains favourite flower/plant, are they very popular in the US I wonder. Bob.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi bob,
thanks for visiting again. They would probably win favorite flower in the US, too. There are many parts of the country that roses either don't grow (too hot) or are not hardy.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Av, You are welcome. I am going to try the smelling thing. If you do I would love to hear if it worked.