Saturday, September 01, 2007


Nemesia 'Sunsatia Mango'
Scrophulariaceae (skrof-yoo-larr-ee-AY-see)
Synonyms: Inupyel

Every year I plant about 15 large containers that act as a barrier for a steep drop-off. I usually go down to a couple of nurseries (both retail and wholesale) and get a collection of different annuals. I always get some stalwarts like Petunias, Marigolds and that type of thing and then I try a few new things. This year among the new plants I bought, with the hope they would do well were this new Nemesia and even though I didn’t know it from the scientific name of Erysimum, some Wallflower. Both turned out very well with the added bonus of being fragrant.

The color on the Nemesia is fantastic and it hasn’t stopped blooming all summer. ‘Mango’ was introduced in 2006 although the ‘Sunsatia’ series has been around for awhile.

Siberian Wallflower
Erysimum x marshallii
(er-RIS-ih-mum) (mar-SHALL-ee-eye)
Brassicaceae (brass-ih-KAY-see-ay)

When I planted this it only came with a tag that said ‘Erysimum’. I later found out when it bloomed that was the scientific name for the Wallflower. I had only grown the Yellow form previously. I am pretty sure that this is right species but like I said the tag wasn’t explicit. This picture is a little underexposed but I like the depth of field that I got. I will have to try to photograph it when it is a little sunnier out. The color is a very nice orange and I happen to mix it with some Purple Petunias and it all worked out okay.

I just want to say when I say that plants and flowers are ‘new’ that means they are ‘new’ to me. People probably have been growing some of the plants for years. That is one thing I love about gardening, there is always something new to wonder at or experiment with. I am the type of gardener that hedges his bets. I love to try new stuff but at the same time, since I am a professional I need some things that I know are going to work. If I just gardened at home I would be more experimental and less conservative on my color choices. I suppose its okay to be reigned in a bit.

I would recommend both of these plants for bedding or containers. They have stayed compact and have been very floriferous.


mrsnesbitt said...

How utterly wonderful!

Please could I borrow your photo from yesterday's outakes? I want to do an experiment with my heather pictures?

Mark said...

Hi Chris,
Just thought i would pop by as say hello. I have been having a good look a t you pictures and they are a stunning as ever. I particually like the Locust Borer and the pears.
I have just started uploading my pictures to and I have a storefront, have you ever thought of doing that as your pictures would work really well their.

Cheers Mark

Salix Tree said...

The nemesia is just beautiful! I've tried growing some from seed twice, and nothing ever came up. Maybe buying the plant itself is a better idea. Love those colors together.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

mrsnesbitt, I left a comment on your blog about the picture.

mark, howdy! I will check out that site. Congratulations on all the success you have been having with your photography. You deserve it.

salix, I am always happy to see someone from the Emerald Isle checking in. Sometimes spending a little on the plants far outweighs the frustration of raising the seedlings yourself. It is a wonderful plant to have in the garden.

Anonymous said...

Hey i am happy to see that my name means something and just not plain. I lov the colors maybe I might buy some Nemesia's. Well upgrade I'll visit later.