Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Japanese Anemone ~ ABC Wednesday

Japanese Anemone ~ ABC Wednesday
Anemone X hybrida
Synonyms: Japanese Windflower, Japanese Thimbleflower

If you are hear for WW skip down to the post below. Please consider joining us for ABC Wednesday, it is open to all.

This plant is always a treat in this time of year. It is an easy to cultivate perennial that tolerates partial shade. I have read reports that this plant can spread too much but that hasn’t been the case with mine. Sure it widens out but it is easily managed. I also read with some surprise that it likes alkaline soil. It has seemed to grow in just about any soil that I have planted it in. They do like a bit of moisture and so far have been free of insects and diseases. They are hardy to USDA Zone 4. I like to plant mine in the back of the border or by themselves because they can get quite tall. There are a number of different cultivars to choose from. Unfortunately this one wasn’t marked when I photographed it at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, New York.

I am happy to post my ‘J’ as Japanese. It is such a big part of American Gardening. While I have been to several Japanese Gardens I actually prefer the kind of American hybrid that has some Japanese elements in it but a broader mix of plants. Someday I would like to visit Japan. We have so many of their garden elements and plant species that I am sure I would recognize a few things.

A couple more ‘J’s. The first one is the Floribunda rose ‘Jasper’. I have never heard of this one before seeing it. I would have sworn that it was an ‘old’ rose. However upon looking it up I found that it is from 1996. It has a long list of synonyms:
Berleburg Berleburg Castle Bewitched (floribunda, Poulsen, 1996) Cuyahoga Herzlichen Glückwunsch Memory Lane POUlbella

It is a double rose with a petal count of 18 to 25 and a nice strong fragrance. I think I am posting far too many pink roses lately. As I said before they are starting grow on me. I guess they are somewhat fitting, as pink roses usually are a symbol of friendship, appreciation and gratitude. So I extend this pink rose to all the people that come here and read this humble space. Your visits and comments mean a lot to me and I hope in a small way I have helped learn something about flowers and shared some of the awe that I still feel when I am out growing or photographing flowers. I have been able to share some of my favorite plants and flowers and some of the unusual things I have seen in my gardens and others I have discovered in the great gardens I have visited. It has been a tremendous learning experience for me. The botanical world is so big I don’t think I will ever stop being a student of it. I hope that all made sense. To sum it up in a word, thanks.

Now ‘J’ is for joke, also, and I couldn’t resist taking this picture of our mentor, ABC inventor and guru’s restaurant in Hyde Park. That is Hyde Park in Dutchess County New York not in London. How she has time to be a teacher, gardener and someone who entertains us, makes us sad, lifts us up and thrills us with her photographic tours of England from the back of a motorbike and run a transatlantic restaurant I will never know.

Just like her blog Mrs. Nesbitt’s Fireside Café serves up hearty fare at a reasonable price. The food is satisfying and there is enough to make you feel good without walking away bloated. There are a good variety of offerings for everyone to find something they like. I guess the ‘joke’ was that I would post a picture of this café and compare it to Denise’s blog. The other stuff I wrote is true and written with the utmost respect, hat’s off to you, Mrs. Nesbitt and I will have another Ham and Brie Sandwich with chips (oops, I mean crisps) and a sparkling water.

Here are some of the other blogs that are participating in ABC Wednesday. If you want to join let me know and I will add your link.


dot said...

Mrs Nesbitt's sandwich looks delicious and your flowers are always beautiful. Really nice ABC post!

kml said...

A beautiful anemone! Great post about the cafe - when I first saw the pic I thought you had photoshopped in the name.

david mcmahon said...

Lovely shots, Chris - and I loved the mention ofthe restaurant, tied in to Denise's blog!

Good work all round!

WalksFarWoman said...

What a gorgeous post DFP - you continuously bloom week after week. Your blog is truly a garden of information, beauty, fun and conversation. Thank you for the effort you go to make our visit so special.

mrsnesbitt said...

LOL I had to laugh at this, and just as I am typing here my oven timer is going it's off to the kitchen! LOL!

AVCR8TEUR said...

So that was a Japanese Anemone that I saw at my recent trip to the Japanese Friendship Garden. I'll have to visit Mrs. Nesbitt's cafe the next time I visit NY. I can almost smell the juicy sandwich in California.

confessing7girl said...

loved the flowers and facts!!! great job!!! happy WW

Andrea's Garden said...

I can attest, my Japanese Anemon spreads a lot and I have removed it and planted it in another spot while still having to pull up parts in the old border. Though I love its blossoms it is to invasive in my small garden and I decided to pass mine on to a friend with a huge garden. Great pictures! Andrea

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Andrea, thanks so much for visiting. I love your blog.

av, if you get out this way make sure you look us up.

mrs nesbitt, cooking again, are we?

WFW, You are so welcome and thanks for the kind words. I am just sort of winging it here and I am glad that some people like it. I do enjoy my time here, it can be a nice respite from the chaos around here.

david, thank you kindly, sir. You are a most interesting person.

kml, I really got a kick out of he cafe sign. Mrs. Nesbitt ran the White House staff for the Roosevelts.

Dot, what can I say, other than thanks for your constant support.

BTW, everyone the sandwich was really good.

Hin Man said...

How come all the flower names are difficult for me to remember. Every visit is another name that I don't know. I love the flower shot and your post is excellent especially the joke portion of it. Had you not mentioned the word 'joke', I would have asked for a discount with Mrs. Nesbitt.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks, hin man.