Saturday, September 15, 2007

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day-September

I remembered on Thursday that the 15th would be on Saturday so I rushed around the garden to get a few shots for Bloom Day. I should have remembered about the 15th since it is my wedding anniversary also. I don’t remember how long we have been married so I will have to figure out a coy way of broaching that subject. It has been awhile at this point, over 15 years but fewer than 20. Since we work together our relationship has a slightly different dynamic then most couples.

The Hydrangea at the top is ‘Tardiva’. It got so tall in this particular spot and is just a mass of white flowers. Long lasting and a dependable bloomer it is one of my favorite Hydrangeas.

So here are the some more shots in no particular order:

Rudbeckia nitida ‘Herbstonne’
Always a pleasant plant to have in the garden. It is really tall but doesn’t need staking.

Dwarf Pink Aster
This plant has been around a long time so it is a long lived perennial. I pinch it several times during the year so it is only about 8 inches tall.

Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert'
I applied a lighting effect in Photoshop to get a little more light on the bee. This is a wonderful perennial that is just coming on strong when everything else is giving up.

Passiflora 'Lady Margaret'
I had a little fun in PS with this one too. It is a really nice deep red Passion. I over wintered it and lately it really kicked in and is covered with blooms.

Hairy Toad Lily is one of my favorite flowers. Definitely doesn’t look like something that should be growing in Connecticut with its wonderfully exotic flower. I have been encouraging mine to seed and now have several hundred of them. The deer got into some of them but they seemed to shake it off and bloomed anyway (well, a lot of them did).

Abutilon megapoticum
I wish I had wrote down the cultivar name on this one. It is a little different than most Flowering Maples. The flowers are pendulous and don't open like the others. This is another plant that I successfully over wintered from last year. It started off slow but is covered with blooms now. I will probably try and save it again.

That is all I h
ave time for right now. I am looking forward to seeing what everybody else has blooming in their gardens. Overall the garden has done well and it looks like we are going to have a colorful fall. That last bout of rain we had really helped out by refreshing everything. We are supposed to get a little more over the weekend, which will also be welcomed.

I have had other posts on most of these plants if you want more information on them. I was probably the last person on the Internet to know this but if you click on the Labels that will narrow down the search amongst the old posts.

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Carol said...

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and I hope you remember soon how long you've been married.

My favorite flower on your list today is the toad lily. They are exotic looking, but so pretty in the fall. That's generally the last plant to bloom in my garden.

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Kris at Blithewold said...

That Tricyrtis is gorgeous (I wonder why don't we have any?? I might have to add them to the list) - I'd love to see what hundreds look like all together... Happy anniversary!

Annie in Austin said...

Your photos are beautiful as always, Chris. It's a nice assortment of blooms, but I'll risk saying toad lilies do nothing for me... while the 'Herbstonne' rudbeckia's beauty makes me wish that I grew it once again.

Happy Blooming Day!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Layanee said...

All your photos have such a unique perspective! They are each a work of art !

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Lovely pictures--how true do you think that the color of that passionflower in the picture is commpared to real life? If it's even close, I may have to keep my eye out for one. Wow.

And that abutilon is lovely with the pendulous flowers.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

On thinking about that flowering maple further, I seemed to remember circling one similar to yours in this spring's Plant Delights catalog. Check this out and see if you could have this one--or something similar at least:

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Terrific photos. The 1 of the rudbeckia inspires me to get it. (Like I need another excuse to buy plants.)

Pam/Digging said...

I particularly like the rudbeckia and the aster photos. Very nice. I guess soon you northern gardeners will be switching over from Bloom Day to Foliage Day, which this Austin gardener can only dream of (very little fall color here).

Digital Flower Pictures said...

carol, The Toad Lily is a good one. I like it because it will take quite a bit of shade.

Kris, thanks for visiting. I think you should try some. Like I said they multiply.

Hi annie, I was just thinking a little while ago that you are a great gardener.

layanee, I am glad you left a comment as I lost your blog's adress and want to visit. Thanks for the comments on the pictures and I am glad you enjoyed them.

Kim, The Passion flower is pretty close. It is a wonderful deep shade of red. I added a little blue to picture and darkened the shadows. I would recommend it. We have to overwinter Passion Flowers inside here. They say they are hardy but I have never had one overwinter outside. That is the Flowering Maple all right but I was sure mine had a 'third' name. I will have to check the tag at work tomorrow.

mmd, Try the Rudbeckia, it is one of my favorite 'tough' plants.

pam/digging. yeah we are getting ready for the deep freeze. It has been really cold here the last couple of nights. I am going to cover my outdoor tropicals tonight as they are forecasting 36 deg. F. Your garden blew me away!

Ki said...

Great photos. I love the Abutilon megapoticum. I usually don't care for the light green leaves of Abutilon and an undefinable plain-ness of the plant but this photo of the unusual flower form and deep red sure is impressive.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Ki, This Flowering Maple is different. It almost has a viney habit. An improvement over the regular one, I think.