Sunday, September 16, 2007

Modern English Shrub Rose 'Heritage'

Modern English Shrub Rose 'Heritage'
Synonyms: Roberta, AUSblush

In celebration of having my blog reviewed in ‘Rose Ramblings’, the monthly newsletter of the San Diego Rose Society, I have decided to post this photo. The newsletter is available by subscription only so there is no link that I can post. I hope some of the members send me some email. I would love to be able to grow roses in Southern California. They have to grow better than here in Connecticut, with its broiling summer heat and suffocating humidity.

The other nice thing that happened to this website was it was awarded a ‘Photo Genius’ award from Mike at Photoxication. The award was created by Ali at A Bit of This and a Dash of the Other! Both Ali and Mike are nice people, people you wouldn’t mind going out with for a few pints at your local pub, although I think Mike drives his motorcycle a little too fast sometimes (just kidding). I am both honored and humbled that he thought my photography warranted this award.

This rose is another winner from David Austin. In some ways it is a bit plain when you consider the way roses are going these days. There is beauty in its simplicity and elegance in its plainness. One consideration I have when talking about roses is the ease of its cultivation. Since I grow this rose in three different rose gardens I can say that it is a very prolific and profuse bloomer. That moves it right up the rose scale in my book. I would recommend this one, although for the back or corner of the garden since it can get quite large. One site I was looking at said it occasionally re-blooms later in the season. In my case it has always re-bloomed, sometimes heavily.

Here are some details about ‘Heritage’:
Introduced: 1984 by David Austin Roses
Height: 4-6 feet (or more)
Fragrance: Strong (Citrus)
Hardiness: USDA Zone 5, at least, reports of Zone 3 and 4
Parentage: Seedling x (Seedling of Iceberg)
Petal Count: 40
Average Flower Diameter: 3.5 inches, double, cupped

I had a nice anniversary yesterday. I figured out it was my 16th, although we have been together for a lot longer than that. We went to a just opened place (we have been there a couple of other times) called Bluu. It is a Sushi/Pizza/High end Burger/Bar that is a little noisy but nice. I am not big on Sushi but did have a couple of California Rolls. The interior and exterior has a changing light show with the lights changing through several colors.

Today I am happy to been invited to an Estate in Greenwich to a big Garden Party. There will be food, drink and flowers which sounds like heaven to me.


misti said...

Keep those roses coming! I love 'em! One day I'll have a nice rose section in my yard!

Sushi is an acquired taste. I never thought I'd like it and eventually tried it.

david mcmahon said...

G'day Chris,

Congratulations on the review and the anniversary ....

Digital Flower Pictures said...

hi misti,

Let me know when you plant that rose garden and I will recommend some disease resistant types. I guess they are going to be heat tolerant too.

DM, thanks. Both meant a lot to me.