Friday, July 13, 2007

Wrong Named Rose

Wrong Named Rose

I think I got ripped off. I bought this rose as ‘Sexy Rexy’, which is supposed to pink but when it started to bloom it was blood red. Oh well, this is a nice rose and so far it has been blooming well. It is small rose but it has a good petal count. I think I will go back to the nursery and ask for a refund. I going to try and keep the rose too. I know this nursery has a sign that says, “all plants sold are true to name” (something like that) and I am going to call them on it. I don’t think it going to be a problem as I am good friends with the salesman and know the owner pretty well. The tags probably just got mixed up but still it isn’t fair. I first thought maybe it was the understock growing from below the bud union but the shoots are clearly above the graft so that isn’t the problem. This rose is too nice to be rootstock anyway.

The roses are still blooming fairly well. I always keep my eye on which types and varieties do well in the heat. I will try and publish a list of them on the 15th when I try and do the Blogger Blooming Day this month for the first time.

I am pruning so much stuff at work. I was pruning an American Holly Tree (Ilex opaca) that is growing way too big near the side of the house. This type of Holly needs to be planted where it has plenty of room to grow and this one isn’t. Luckily I have been kind of keeping a handle on it over the years but it is till pretty big. While I was cutting the top out of it I was looking up and of course the branch came down and hit me right in the head. That hurt! I had to feel my head and face to see if there was any blood. Nothing but a little soreness, some anger and a little remorse for not being smarter about the whole thing. In my defense I was jammed up against the house and had nowhere to go as the branch came down. I got the Holly and the Carpinus done. That is what I had set out to do. I also did one of the big patches of Forsythia, the Deutzias and the large groups of Azaleas. Today is more pruning as I tackle the Weigelas, some of the Crabapples and the big Blue Hollies.

I have found it nearly impossible to identify an unknown rose unless it is a common one. I am going to try though. They may know what it actually is when I speak with the nursery and if I fund out I will post it. It is much redder than 'Hot Cocoa'even though the second picture looks a bit like it. All in all I think I like this rose better than ‘Sexy Rexy’. Imagine that.


RUTH said...

Hope there have been no ill effects from the attack of the Holly tree. Sounds like you've been pretty busy. I have an misnamed rose; we've had it for 10 years now; great clusters of red flowers; it was labelled Whisky Mac and obviously isn't. Great rose though and wouldn't be without it.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks. Just a little wounded pride. I am happy with the rose I got.