Saturday, October 11, 2008

Becky Daisy and Bumble Bee

Becky Daisy and Bumble Bee

The bees are easier to get shots of this time of year as they really have slowed down. The mornings have been pretty cold but no signs of a frost despite two frost advisories a few nights ago. It certainly is coming. It won’t be bad when it does since some of the annuals are starting to look a little bad. Not bad enough to pull out but not really great either. I had to buy 5 big mums yesterday and it was really getting the best of what was left over. ‘Becky’ Shasta Daisy has been featured on this space several times. The plants rebloomed well after they were cut them back a little while ago.

We are going to do a big bulb planting at the house in Greenwich this fall. I ordered them on Thursday. 700 tulips, 550 Daffodils, 45 of the huge Alliums and I have to go through some catalogs this weekend to get the Quamash (Camassia esculenta), Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) and the other types of Alliums. It should look good next spring. It has been awhile since I have done a large scale bulb planting and I am looking forward to the challenge. We will be doing some smaller bulb plantings at other gardens as well.

This white Chrysanthemum had small of the smallest flowers I saw this season. It is named ‘Crete White’. The overall effect of the plant was a good one but I think I like the larger flowered cultivars better.

Last Saturday I attended my nephew’s high school football game. Most of the pictures didn’t come out but did manage these two as the team walked off the field after the big win. He is number 27. I am sure glad I am not a sports photographer.


Anonymous said...

The Chrysanthemums are just beautiful... We have not had any frost here in North central WV yet infact the weather has really been unseasonable warm, but I'm bringing everything in this weekend anyway. I love the blog, your pictures are beautiful...

LC said...

I love the daisy and the bee close up work is my favorite type of photography. Thank you for visiting Ranger's and my blog and for your comment. Ranger and lloyd

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi lynn,

I have almost everything put away now, too. I don't like having to run around at the last minute when there is going to be a frost.

NC, hi. I enjoyed your site, Thanks for visiting.

Sandy Kessler said...

cool colors the team and they are rather sedate considering a win ??hitvvytp

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi sandy, they won 50-7 and think they didn't want to rub it in.