Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wild Aster

Wild Aster

Of all of the wild Asters at the Estate this one is the best. It has bloomed the longest and has the clearest white flowers. Several years ago I felt like the wild Asters were taking over the garden so we embarked on an eradication program that included removing all the spent flowers and pulling up a lot of the plants. It worked a little too well and now I miss them. The population will probably return but for now I wish there were a few more. I have seen some pockets of blue wild Aster on the side of the road and would love to get some of those growing in addition to the white ones already in the garden. I don’t collect wild plants anymore but I might try and grab some of the seed.

The name Aster comes from the Greek word for star and they have been around for 4,000 plus years. There are over 600 species in the genus which recently went through a reclassification. There are several new genus names to learn and I am not sure which one this particular Aster falls into. A few of the common names that this flower goes by include Starworts, Frost Flowers or Michaelmas Daisies but they are mostly known simply as Asters. They are enjoyed in gardens through out the world.

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Daniel Chérouvrier said...

I do confirm, asters are enjoyed here too.
Very fine ones you show.