Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cactus Love

Cactus Love
Wordless Wednesday


catsynth said...

Great cactus, though I'm not sure I really like the idea of people carving their names into them.

Always Been Different said...

those do belong to you...right???
Happy WW!

Maureen Hayes said...

The photos are beautiful, but it broke my heart to see the names carved into them. People just don't think when they do this kind of thing, do they? Thanks for making a statement without saying a word!


Shannon said...

Nice shots of the cactus. I like the heart shaped one. I could never figure out how kids could carve their name in prickly pears with out getting thorns. Even the ones with out long spines have short almost invisible spines just waiting.

Diane Dehler said...

I was just looking at amazing cactus blooms in a book at the library today. No wonder Colette's mother Sido, chose to stay with her cactus, rather than travel to Paris one more time to visit Colette. I think her cactus only bloomed every 100 years so it wasn't like there would be another opportunity. Not unless you believe in reincarnation.

I have never seen growing griffii before and it is a sad thing to desecrate a plant. Aren't there enough buildings and concrete tunnels for the kids to thrash?

Interest post. BTW One of my chrysanthemums is starting to bloom.