Sunday, October 05, 2008

Chrysanthemum 'Gelati' and Juno the Puppy

Chrysanthemum 'Gelati' and Juno

After scouring the countryside for Chrysanthemums yesterday this was the only named variety I could find. All the rest of the mums were not labeled or had a generic tag. Many of the mums have gone by already but there are still a few that are coming out. ‘Gelati’ is considered an early bloomer even though this plant was just coming out.

This white mum was nice. I like the whites except they can look a little funny when they are past their prime. I will be heading out again today looking for some more mums. It is raining fairly hard here this morning but that is supposed to blow over.

Here a few more pictures of Juno. She is a great dog already. After Molly left us we were all in a state of shock and Juno really snapped us out of that. It is kind of like someone lit off one of those big mats of firecrackers in the house and they are still going off, which is okay as I like a bit of intensity from our dogs. She is growing up fast. The Black and White is the first D70s monochrome conversion I have posted on this site. I used the channel mixer to turn it into a B&W.


Les said...

The flowers are nice, but the dog is prettier!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks, Les. She is a cutey.

Sandy Kessler said...

What an extra ordinary dog !!You must be super proud

Anonymous said...

What a dear puppy! She's marvelous.

DakotasMom said...

She has gotten so BIG!