Saturday, May 03, 2008

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis
(SER-sis) (ka-na-DEN-sis)
Synonyms: Canadian Redbud, Judas Tree

It has been a while since I posted a native tree. The Redbud is a handsome and for the most part a small stature tree. I don’t like to use them as a specimen or focal point in the garden but prefer them on the edges or in the woodland garden. It doesn’t seem to be a long-lived tree and I have seen a lot of older ones fall over. That shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying the beautiful flowers, heart shaped leaves and nice fall color. The flowers are edible, which is something I didn’t know. The Judas Tree common name comes from the legend Judas Iscariot hung himself on a redbud after he betrayed Jesus and that is why it is weak wooded. The Redbud is not allowed to develop strong branches so that no one could hang themselves from the tree again.

Inspired by Ki’s post about trying to photograph a whole tree here is my attempt at taking a picture of one of the lovely White Dogwoods at work. The sky was really cruddy yesterday but I tried anyway.

For Vanillalotus here are a few of the Pink Dogwoods at the new (to me) garden I am taking care of. I couldn’t get the whole yard in the picture and I think this came out the best. Times these trees by twenty more and you would start to get the feeling of the place!

Last night I attended the photography exhibit of someone’s blog I admire very much. Tune in tomorrow to hear about the show and who it was.


Priscilla George said...

Those dogwoods look beautiful. I can only image the scene with so many of them there. The flowers look like they float. What wonderful yards your clients must have after you get working on them.

I can't wait to see who the photographer was whose exhibit you attended. I know I admire you blog and photography very much.

Anonymous said...

I love redbuds! In Texas we had them growing everywhere and they are one of my favorite trees growing up. Those and mimosas!

Even though you said it was dark yesterday, I think the photo looks nice. It is like a nice rainy spring day that you want to curl up and read.

ChrisJ said...

Interesting story about the redbud tree. I've never heard it before and I don't think I've ever seen one.
The pink dogwoods are beautiful. I like the spray-like shape. You do have some beautiful photographs!