Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two Pink Flowering Crabapples

Two Pink Flowering Crabapples

As usual I enjoyed the Crabapples this year even though their flowers were cut short by the wind and rain we had. These two pink-red Crabs were outstanding and I am glad that I planted both of them. The first one is Malus x 'Prairie Fire' and it is a hardy tree (US Zone 3), which gets to about 15-20 feet tall. Although I have been keeping it a little smaller. It is disease resistant which maybe the most important cultivar selection criteria for me now. ‘Prairiefire’ has been around for some time now, it was introduced in 1982.

This second Crabapple was new to me but it performed nicely the last two years. 'Cardinal' Crabapple (Malus 'Cardinal') was introduced by Princeton Nurseries of New jersey and is also considered disease resistant. The flowers a deep pink but the best thing about this tree is the purple color of the leaves. Mine didn’t set a lot of fruit and I hope that changes but overall I am very happy with this tree.


2sweetnsaxy said...

What pretty flowers and love the color!

i beati said...

I had forgotten their intense coloration- haven't seen them for years--did you get another canine friend?

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures, and the colour is so vibrant! The texture is very well displayed in these photos too. Great captures.


David Webb - Photographer

Digital Flower Pictures said...

David and 2sweet, thanks for the comments on the photos.

sandy, hi there. I am looking for a puppy now and we still have Ruby the Border Collie. She is very lonely.