Monday, May 19, 2008

White Crabapple

White Crabapple
Malus sp.

This Crabapple had the most enticing fragrance. I shot this picture at the little farm. At 25 acres it really isn’t little but it smaller than the other farms we work on. I call it the little farm since it has a smaller garden then the others. I am not sure what variety of Crab this is and trying to figure it out was impossible. It might be 'Snowdrift' but that is just a guess. I knew that Crabapples are fragrant but this one went a little beyond what I consider normal. It was extra nice since there was a patch of white Lilacs blooming nearby and this tree was overpowering them.

Going through the archives of shot but not selected pictures I found this Orchid. (Asian Corsage Orchid, Cymbidium 'Milk Tea').

I finished another house yesterday but my appointments yielded more work so it was a wash. One of the houses I visited had a collection of yellow Rhododendrons, which I found quite interesting. I wish I had my camera with me! They will probably be done blooming by the time I get back to do the work. Sigh.


Ki said...

Hey, you gotta carry your little point & shoot for photo ops like the yellow Rhododendron collection. That must have been something to see! Georgeous cymbidium orchid, I like that butterscotch color a lot and lovely geranium in the previous blog. I was thinking it would be fun to have a collection of perennial geraniums.

WiseAcre said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm still lurking about. I can't stay away from your wonderful flower photos.

Wish you had the camera with you the other day - I'd like to see those yellow Rhododendrons

Anonymous said...

Those photographs are absolutely stunning. Thank you!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hello Ki,

It was unusual for me not to have my camera but that is the way this spring has been going. I have seen the yellows here and there before but never in a collection like that. That is the only color they had!

I think collecting some of the Geraniums would be fun.

Hi Wise acre, thanks for hanging in there and leaving a comment. It is nice to know people are reading.

pink and brown, thanks and welcome to

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Love the photos, I love apple tree blossoms, I wish I could smell this one as well as see it! (sigh)
I work from home and often spend my days in front of my computer screen, so your pictures are like a breath of fresh air! A little treat every now and then!

Bye for now,