Friday, May 30, 2008

Unknown Dahlia

Unknown Dahlia

This picture is the best I can do today. I took this out in the Dahlia Garden this week on a rainy day. The exposure actually came out pretty good for such a dreary day. Not having bought identified Dahlias is sure going to be a source of frustration for me. Today we are going up to tend to the garden in Hyde Park. Since the owners have a staff we just take care of the pruning and some garden odds and ends. Unloading those trucks really kicked my butt yesterday. They were packed full of stuff including several hundred Boxwood. Now I remember why I don’t work at a nursery, too many trucks to unload!

I hope to have time to shoot a couple of pictures this weekend but I am not counting on it. There hasn’t been a lot of time for extra writing on this blog lately. I do want to keep sharing as many pictures as possible.


Unknown said...


Your blog is simply amazing, on top of the world.

I have never come across such a fabulous combination of flowers and photograhy.

Your passion in gardening and photography reflects in your work.

I like gardeneing and photography both.

Your pics are so good that they are capable to referesh anyone at any point of time.

I can keep on prasing all the pics you have shown in your blog The leaves the flower festivals the roses the fruits the barks..........................KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


i beati said...

I'm always amazed at how a flower such as this dahlia can have the color variations it does so delicately and perfectly wrapped. Guess that's why each is calld a miracle..exquisite..sandy

Pat said...

Again I have to say... beautiful work.