Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hybrid Tuberous Begonia

Hybrid Tuberous Begonia
Begonia x tuberhybrida
(be-GON-yuh) (too-ber-HY-brid-uh)
Synonyms: Non-stop Begonias

This year I decided to plant a lot of these and they seem to be a big hit. Valley View grew a mix of yellow, salmon, pink and a couple of bi-colors. They also had some of the Mocca series, which has a dark leaf. I just have been putting the colors together in some big mixed plantings and it makes a colorful carpet in the moist shade. I have read that they are deer resistant and will report back with my actual experience as some of the plants are in pretty heavy grazing territory.

Previously I grown these in containers with good results so I am anxious to see how they do in a bedding situation.


SandyCarlson said...

These are lovely, Digital.

This morning I watched a muskrat take down several water lilies and a beaver work on a very lovely tree. Very little is safe from the munchers. I hope your begonias have a different story come September!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Sandy, thanks for posting such funny and interesting comments. I was at a house the other day and a rabbit was eating the myrtle about six feet away from me and the customer. He was saying "I need to feed these rabbits could you bring over some more myrtle?" Just when I thought I had heard everything.