Friday, October 09, 2009

Golden Trumpet

Golden Trumpet
Allamanda cathartica
(al-uh-MAN-duh) (kat-AR-tik-uh)
Synonym: Yellow Allamanda

This was the first time we grew this plant and after a little bit of a slow start it really has been great. Since it is only hardy to USDA Zone 9 we are growing it in a large container. It probably grew about 6 feet tall but the branches fell over for a final height of about 4.5 feet. It has been flowering profusely for several months now. I have seen this flower growing down in Florida where it gets much bigger. It really seems to thrives down there.

Allamanda 'Cherries Jubilee'

This red vine is planted in a container next to the yellow Allamanda. It has also done well. The flower seems a little more refined than the yellow but didn’t look as good with the Scarlet sage and red Verbena that I planted with them. The Peach Verbena did look better with the ‘Cherries Jubliee’.

This bud looked like it was smiling at me.


Unknown said...

With such a sunny, golden color... I'm guessing you couldn't help but smile back? :)

liezyl said...

its really cute and u just cant resist to give back ur smile ;-) it thrills me that we share the same views on the beauty of flowers... looking forward to see more of ur pictures.

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

Smiling, indeed! I want to see what these buds look like in full flower. And one of these years I am gonna try growing those mini pumpkins. How hard could they be?