Friday, October 30, 2009

Liv Tyler Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybrid Tea Rose
Rosa 'Liv Tyler'
Synonyms: Comtesse de Provence, Meibacus

Since there haven’t been too many rose photographs here this year here is a late season Hybrid tea named after the American movie starlet Liv Tyler. She also had a famous father. He is one of the Toxic Twins. Personally I have always loved Aerosmith and think of them as the American equivalent of the Rolling Stones.

This rose like its namesake is very pretty but not in a flashy way. It has a great scent and a nice color. This rose was growing at NYBG and even last weekend the rose garden still had a lot of flowers. The roses tend to get a bit scruffy this time of year with various holes, spots and pockmarks.

Here is the lowdown on ‘Liv Tyler
Petal Count: 75 to 80 petals
Average flower diameter: 4.75 inches
US Introduction: Star Roses, 2007
Seed Parentage: Centenaire de Lourdes × Duke of Windsor
Pollen Parent: Regatta
Originally released in 2006 in France as ‘Comtesse de Provence’

Here is a link to some thoughts Liv had on having a rose named after her. Short Article


Unknown said...

That's a very pretty rose... but am I the only one who wonders about some of these roses being named after people who are kind of pseudo-celebrities? Maybe I'm a snob, but I'm fine with naming a rose after someone iconic like Audrey Hepburn. But Liv Tyler? (When Katherine Hepburn doesn't even have her own rose? Come on... Kate deserves something bold, with a spicy scent, no?!)

Mercury Middle East said...
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