Thursday, October 01, 2009

White Chrysanthemum Mildred


This was captured at one of the local wholesale nurseries. There were 1,000’s upon 1000’s of Chrysanthemums available. The variation and different series seem endless. This one is a ‘Prophet’ series and falls in the ‘season extender’ for bloom time. It was literally coming into bloom before my eyes. There were a lot of buds and flowers on ‘Mildred’ and they were all in various stages of opening.

We ended up buying seventeen of the 12-inch size and a handful of 8-inch mums. The big ones were funny I have seen smaller rhododendrons! Those were orange, yellow and a couple of reds. They looked nice planted in the garden. Since the perennials were on sale and the pricing was good we also picked up some Sneezeweed, Bee Balm, Coreopsis and Montauk Daisies.


joey said...

White chrysanthemums are my favorite ... not too crazy about her name but Mildred's a beauty. Happy October, Chris!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

The foliage on this one appears to be darker, making a nice contrast.