Saturday, October 17, 2009

Julia Child Floribunda Rose

Julia Child Floribunda Rose

We made it to Maui and it was a sunny 85 degrees here when we finally landed. Karen got upgraded but I didn’t so I ended spending the 8.5 hour flight crammed in coach. For those that don’t know I am six foot six inches tall and of course there was another large person next to me. A bit of hell before paradise :lol:

These rose shots were taken at the NYBG Rose Garden last weekend. I will be prowling about for some Hawaiian flowers today and possibly some landscape photos.

Julia Child
Registration Name: WEKvossutono
UK Name: ‘Absolutely Fabulous’
Breeder/Introduction: Tom Carruth (2004)/Weeks Roses
Petal Count: 30 to 40
Flower Size: 3”
Fragrance: Strong, licorice
Parentage: Seed: Voodoo × Hybrid of R. soulieana × 'Summerwine'
Pollen: ‘Top Notch

This other shot is ‘Rainbow Knockout’ rose. A 2007 introduction by William J. Radler and Conard-Pyle (Star Roses). It had been trained into a small tree.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Well I guess Aloha is the word of the day.
Love the Julia Child rose, looks like an egg nestled in the center. Also like the Rainbow Knockout. Have a grand time!!

SandyCarlson said...

These are gorgeous. Of course. I really like the lighting in the second shot. said...


Congrats, dear

Arija said...

Julia Child is such a beautiful rose...great shot too.