Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cutleaf Coneflower
Rudbeckia laciniata 'Herbstsonne'
(rud-BEK-ee-uh) (la-sin-ee-AY-tuh)

This is a great plant for the back of the border. I must admit I am having a torrid love affair with the genus Rudbeckia. They are so giving without being demanding. This particular type is very tall but doesn’t need staking, a big plus to me. It really doesn’t need much care at all. It always seems to come back and bloom heavily. My initial experience with it was in a wet area and that worked well. I have since used in a couple of the other borders. You have to like yellow though. One of this plants other common names is Wild Golden-Glow. It is a bright intense yellow and I think it stands out even more because of its height (which is about 6’). With pruning off the spent flowers it can easily bloom well into September and even to frost.

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