Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Golden Marguerite
Anthemis tinctoria ‘Wargrave’
(AN-them-is) (tink-TOR-ee-uh)

I guess I have seen this plant before but not in the setting that I took this picture. While we were in Maine, we slipped over the Canadian border to the New Brunswick Botanical Garden and the town of Grand Falls. The Garden is right off the Trans-Canada Highway (Exit 8). It is a very impressive garden with nice collections of Daylilies, Conifers, and Annuals. It was really kept up well; I didn’t see one thing out of place.

In the Alpine Garden I spied this lovely version of Golden Marguerite. It has a wonderful light yellow color, which was enhanced by the dwarf evergreens around it.

Anthemis are native to the Mediterranean region and southwest Asia, and have become native to England/United Kingdom. There are about 100 species in the genus.

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