Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dwarf Giant Banana
Musa acuminata 'Enano Gigante'
(MEW-suh) (ah-kew-min-AY-tuh)

A wonderful foliage accent for the summer garden this dwarf banana is fun to grow. They have a stately tropical appearance and are easy to care for. I have heard the juvenile leaves are splotched with red but I haven’t noticed that. The adult leaves are all green. Banana is the fourth largest fruit crop in the world and is grown in every tropical region. I like the dwarf types, as they are less likely to sustain wind damage and in general are more manageable. I always bring them into the conservatory in the winter and a couple of times actually had fruit.

It’s Saturday and I have to work. Oh well, I guess it could be worse. The weather has cooled down nicely and it is again a pleasure to be outside. We could use some sustained rain here now. The wet spring and early summer is just a memory now. I am planning my week and it looks like some more perennial planting and a big sod job. Sod is a lot of work but you do get instant gratification something us gardeners don’t always get to enjoy.

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