Friday, August 25, 2006

Red Hot Poker
Kniphofia 'Bressingham Comet'

This was blooming in the wild garden at Wave Hill. It has a different look from most of the other Kniphofias. It seemed a little more refined and certainly the color was fantastic. I have never really figured out if this plant is hardy in Connecticut. I guess they need a little extra protection. I haven’t tried growing it here but after reading up on it for this piece I think I should give it a try. The Wild Garden (I don’t know if that is its official name) at Wave Hill is something that every gardener should see. It is such a mixture of continually changing colors and textures and some how they all go together very nicely. It is more like a home type of garden but with wonderful and more exciting plants.

The cultural information I looked up for Kniphofia states that it likes a moist and rich humus laden soil but can grow in dry average soil, also. It is best planted with some protection against wind. Several sources said that it is best to leave the established clumps undisturbed. This particular Kniphofia was introduced by Bressingham Blooms of the UK. It is a more compact growing and more has more oval-shaped flowers. There are more than 70 species in the genus, which is native to Africa.

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