Saturday, June 14, 2008

Groundcover Rose - Flower Carpet White

Groundcover Rose
Rosa 'Flower Carpet White'
Synonyms: Emera Blanc, Ophalia, Schneeflocke, NOAschnee

This rose has pretty much lived up to the hype surrounding it. In my garden it is a profuse bloomer that needs little care, It is very disease resistant and flowers continuously through the season. I read somewhere that this rose can produce up to 2,000 blooms per season!

It grows about 18 inches tall and spreads to 5 or 6 feet wide and is hardy to USDA Zone 5. The flowers are about 2 inches across have 16 petals and a good scent.

Class: Floribunda / Cluster Flowered, Polyantha
Bred by: Werner Noack, 1991 in Germany
Introduced by: Anthony Tesselaar International
Parentage: Flower Carpet × Margaret Merril


SandyCarlson said...

It is a beauty--even with a humble word like "groundcover" in the name.

Indrani said...

Beautiful flower and when many of them bloom together, the ground must be looking carpeted.

Mike said...

Hello! A very pretty rose!