Sunday, June 08, 2008

Climbing Rose ‘Royal Gold’ and some Work Gardens

Climbing Rose ‘Royal Gold’
Rosa ‘Royal Gold’
Breeder: Dr. Dennison Morey, United States (1957)
Height: 10 feet
Parentage: Goldilocks, Cl. × Lydia (hybrid tea, Robinson, 1949)
Hardy to USDA Zone 6

‘Royal Gold’ is a beautiful colored climbing rose that is named perfectly. It is such a deep yellow. It also has strong fragrance. This rose has actually been trained into a pillar type, which is a first for me. So far so good.

I picked ‘Royal Gold’ because I wanted this to be a home grown post. I have decided to include a couple of garden pictures from work. You will see why they are not posted very often. I am a lousy landscape photographer and don’t seem to be getting any better. Compressing the photos to fit in this space doesn't help, either. Here a few snapshots from some of the gardens this week.

The Estate’s Mountain Laurels (Kalmia) are blooming right now. This is one of the best patches but there are many others spread throughout the garden. This picture was taken looking out from inside the garage. The Mountain Laurel goes on for about 20 more feet outside of the frame. It is funny because this is definitely one of the hottest parts of the garden. The sun is really strong here and the Mountain Laurel thrives. It makes me think that people often plant Mountain Laurel in too much shade. If you look over to the bottom right side you can see my little patch of Blue Star (Amsonia tabernaemontana) that has been growing strong for 20 years. I have never divided it and it still comes up every year. Please excuse the Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus). I shouldn’t be growing it since it invasive. There is actually a little waterfall and pond that it is growing in. It is cut down completely after it is done flowering. I am going to straighten that bird house tomorrow :lol:

These next two are a different house. I liked the combination in the first one. Both of these were taken with my point and shoot (Nikon Coolpix 8400) but I actually use the manual controls on it. I am going to try and post some more garden photos tomorrow.


Indrani said...

This is absolutely stunning. It does look royal.

These beautiful flowers must be definitely giving you lot of happiness. Have a great week ahead!

chey said...

Beautiful rose! I also love the garden pictures...the different shades of greens with burgundy is my favorite color combination in the garden.

joey said...

How lovely, Chris. Your ‘Royal Gold’ rose is indeed a beauty. Always an inspiration, I'm delighted to have a moment to catch up with your beautiful photography. said...

great photos--especially the roses an daisies-----if you'd like to see the photos of my garden---contact me. what camera do you use and what lense?