Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sun Star Flower

Sun Star
Ornithogalum dubium
(or-ni-THOG-al-um) (DOO-bee-um)
Synonyms: Snake Plant, Yellow Chincherinchee

This picture was actually taken this spring. A friend of mine grew this little flower in a pot. It really was a wonderful shade of orange. A native of the Cape Province of South Africa this plant can be a bit of a chore to grow from what I read. It is considered perennial but this person was growing it as an annual and felt if it reappears next year, great, if not it is going on the compost heap.

Here are some more climbing roses from the farm. The smell almost made me dizzy.

I haven’t been taking my camera to work so there isn’t a lot of new flower pictures to post. Even if I had been taking it since it is a new house there aren’t a lot of flowers yet. That is why I dipped into the archive for this flower.

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i beati said...

if only my yard looked like this I didn't plant petunias this summer too hot lack of water, that starflower inviting..sandy