Monday, June 02, 2008

Japanese Wisteria

Japanese Wisteria
Wisteria floribunda

This is from the Wisteria Tree at the Estate. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone because of the amount of pruning it takes to keep it looking good. When it is blooming it sure is beautiful and worth the work. This is its best year in quite a few for flowers. If you have never seen a Wisteria tree it is simply the vine that has been trained into a tree. It is quite vigorous but doesn’t need a support. I like to buy my Wisterias in flower although I don’t use them very often. I carefully consider where they are planted due to their invasive and rampant growth.

Trailing Calendula
Calendula suffruticosa subsp. maritima 'Skyfire Yellow'

Sea Marigold is a critically endangered species in its native area of Sicily. It really has an intense yellow flower and while it was being sold in the perennial area of the nursery I don’t think it is hardy here. Calendulas are always fun to have in the garden. They are a well behaved and colorful groups of plants.


i beati said...

I wish they were invasive here nada will not grow sk

Priscilla George said...

I love the look of wisteria but have heard so many horror stories. I sure I'll be stupid one day and buy one and it will wreck my home.

Anonymous said...

Love your series of FDPs and the info added.