Friday, June 06, 2008


The Peonies are blooming now. Some of them have gone by already but the main collection is now in flower. They are such a grand flower and such a classic. I don’t like the extra work of staking them but right now it is worth it. There are about 30 species of the herbaceous types and ten of the woody species. I have only grown a couple of them and they are the ones that are fairly common. Funny I made a post 364 days ago on Peonies.

Sometimes the buds are better than the flowers but this Peony was nice in both. The flower reminded a little of the sun and the bud looks a bit like an egg.

This is what I have to put with at work.
This Gibraltar Azalea is a funny one. I often forget about it until it blooms. It looks like it is giving the little Blueberry bush a hug.


i beati said...

you do l;ove your work the color of the bush is sopecial I miss peonies a lot

Phil_O'Logus said...

Lovely photos. You've inspired me to do more floral photography. Cheers...

Priscilla George said...

Beautiful peonies. I actually think both the bloom and bud loom like eggs, just one is sunny side up and the other hard boiled. I havent had any luck with my peony seeds I should just get a plant.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

VL, I didn't look at that way. Hope you had a nice time in AR.

Phil. keep shooting! Flowers are almost always a willing subject.

Sandy, thanks so much for being a regular comment person. It helps me keep going.