Friday, June 20, 2008

Two Roses

Two Roses

Here are two roses from the big rose garden. The first is a Floribunda named ‘Outrageous’. It has some beautiful blending of the colors and is a fairly large rose. It does seem to get blackspot but I have managed to keep it clean this year. In 2000, this rose was chosen as Jackson & Perkins Floribunda of the Year.

Registration name: JACzap
Breeder: Dr. Keith W. Zary, US, 1998
Introduction: Bear Creek Gardens, Inc.
Petal Count: 25 to 30
Fragrance: Strong, honey
Parentage: 'Summer Fashion' × Seedling


This second rose is considered a mauve blend and is a Hybrid Tea. It has a nice fragrance and has been a consistent bloomer.

Registration name: JACbloom
Breeder: William A. Warriner, US, 1972
Introduction: Jackson & Perkins Co
Petal Count: 9-16
Fragrance: Strong, rose
Parentage: Seedling × Seedling

This final shot is some climbing roses at the end of the rose garden.


i beati said...

I've only seen red climbing here. My goal is to have climner sof every

SandyCarlson said...

Those climbers are amazing. You are very talented!

joey said...

Your roses are exquisite, Chris, especially ‘Heirloom'. On this beautiful solstice eve, wishing you a beautiful summer.

Ellen Whyte said...

how beautiful. I can nurse a sick cat or dog or mouse no problem - but being a plant in my home is like being on death row. It's depressing. Thinking of investing in plastic plants!

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. I enjoy your flowers and photography very much. This week I am featuring your blog as "Blog of the Week" on Gracious Hospitality. Please stop by and visit if you have a chance.