Friday, March 11, 2011

Coppertone Stonecrop

Coppertone Stonecrop
Sedum nussbaumerianum
(SEE-dum) (nuss-baw-mer-ee-AH-nuh)
Synonyms: Nussbaumer's Sedum

This Sedum was blooming in the Cactus Room at the New York Botanical Garden the other day. It was nice to see since I didn’t know there were tropical versions of Sedum, which is a stalwart genus for fall gardens here. I was immediately attracted to the orange/yellow foliage and the Jade plant type flowers when I spotted this. Just another treat from the NYBG’s Orchid show.

This morning we woke up to the distressing news that Japan had been hit with a major earthquake. Since my sister lives in Hawaii the tsunami warning there has me a bit worried. Normally she lives in upcountry Maui at an elevation of 1000 feet above sea level and is pretty safe from the waves but recently she has been visiting Kauai and that is much more open to damage from a tsunami. Of course it is the middle of the night there and we can’t get in touch with her. I love that she is living out her dreams out there (and its nice for us for vacations) but when something like this happens it is nerve wracking. Not only are the waves damaging but I am also worried about the chaos after an event like that.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Hope your sister is ok Chris. What a horribly tragic event in the entire Pacific rim.

Shanae Branham said...

The news about Japan is devastating. I hope you will post news about your sister once you hear. God bless you & your sister.