Thursday, March 03, 2011

XVI Century Amour

XVI Century Amour
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York City, NY

A little break from the flowers here is a couple of pictures of the full sized amour display at the Met. It is amazing and very lifelike when seen in person. I still remember seeing it for the first time when on a school field trip in the 2nd grade. I am sure I had my trusty Polaroid camera back then but all those shots from those days are lost.

For anyone visiting NYC the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must see. Among other things the temple of Dendur in the Sakler Wing is amazing. Crated and shipped to NYC in 1967 it has been rebuilt in its own area. The last time I was at the museum there didn’t seem to be a lot of photography rules (no flash, of course) and I was pretty much left to do what I wanted.

As an extra ‘art’ picture here is Pablo Picasso’s, Studio with Plaster Head from 1925. This picture is from The Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. Again the photography only had a few restrictions and was pretty wide open as far as rules went.

Studio with Plaster Head
Pablo Picasso
Oil on Canvas



Unknown said...

Next time we come to NY we're going to have more time so you and Karen can give us a "proper" tour! :)

Hope all is well!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I'll look forward to that Maris. Bring the family!