Monday, March 14, 2011



The Daylilies in my garden are about the only thing showing any signs of life. That is good since they were installed last year for the most part. If I can get plants through the winter that usually means they are established. That isn’t always the case because some plants look like they have made it only to falter when the time comes to really start growing.

This season is getting started as we have been getting some calls for work. Mostly clean up and snow damage but that doesn’t matter right now. It is good when people start thinking about getting their places straightened out. Email us if you need gardening services in Fairfield or Westchester counties.

This Daylily was blooming late in the season and may have been reblooming. I liked the color scheme and stripes.


Unknown said...

Love that bloom color, do you have the cultivar name?

Unknown said...

Another fine image of a wonderful blossom. Daylillies never seem to have gained much popularity here in Dallas...seems a shame to me as I really like them!

Jean Campbell said...

Daylily foliage here has emerged fat and healthy. I hope it is a signal of a great season. True lily foliage indicates a great summer, too.

Kala said...

I agree, the colors and stripes are fabulous! Very eye-catching flower.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

JSM, yo should try them. I see them growing in very hot and dry places. I think certain varieties to best in that climate.

That is one of the seedlings I got in the big box from White Flower Farm so it is not named.

Jilda said...

I had a friend who use to dip day lily buds in batter and fry them....
pretty tasty.

Laura J Harrison said...

Professional gardener? Just the person I wanted to find! I am doing a gardener segment on my blog. I am not a pro at gardening by any means. Stop on by and help me along. LOL
Really gorgeous pictures, for sure.
New follower from WW Hop