Friday, March 25, 2011

Virginia Cup Plant

Virginia Cup Plant
Silphium connatum
(SIL-phee-um) (con-NATE-um)

It can be a bit of a struggle identifying the flowers that I shoot pictures of. Especially when it was several months between shooting and posting. This daisy had a tag with the name Silphium connatum, however it wasn’t displaying some of the key traits that they usually have like square red stems and heights of up to 10 feet tall. So that leaves it a bit if a mystery.

The clearness of the yellow and the shape of the flower make it nice no matter what the species. I usually find Silphium to be a course, kind of rangy, genus that is usually regulated to the back of the border or mass plantings in moist areas. It does attract a lot of birds and butterflies when it blooms July-September.

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