Monday, March 21, 2011

Giant Crinum Lily

Giant Crinum Lily
Crinum asiaticum
(KRY-num) (a-see-AT-ee-kum)
Synonyms: Grand Crinum Lily, Spider Lily

It was a pleasure to see (and smell) these blooming in Fort Lauderdale last month. I was sure of the genus name but when I looked it up I saw there are a lot of species of this plant available to gardeners. Giant Crinum Lily follows it name and gets big. It is a stately plant that can be used as a dramatic accent plant. It actually grows from a large bulb (10-20 lbs, 5-9 kg) and likes a sheltered location in full sun (can accept some shade). A native of Southeast Asia it has become a popular landscaping plant in the warm areas of the United States.

I have been “developing” some snapshots from Florida and will be posting some the next couple of days. This first one is actually from Georgia. We loved our detour to St. Simons Island to see the lighthouse and visit some stores.

This next photo is probably a lawn weed but I liked the little purple flowers blooming in the grass. No idea on the identification of this one.

Finally here is the cruise ship Disney Magic docked at Key West. It was huge and I was happy to get the whole boat in the picture. Shot with the Nikon D70s and 18-70mm lens.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

There is a Crimium lily farm near me in SC, have toyed with the idea of putting some in. It is like Hemeocallis or Roses, which one does one choose? They are all so pretty. Your Spider one is pretty cool.

Kala said...

I love the scent of the Crimium lilies. Happy Spring to you DF!

Martina J said...

Wow this is a beautiful ship!