Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Phalaenopsis Orchids

Phalaenopsis 'Brother Pepride' x 'Brother Nobel Star'

These two Phalaenopsis are from Hawaii. The name tags were confusing since they seemed to have the complete parentage on the tag and had several names. The first one is a nice yellow, which isn’t the most popular Phalaenopsis color. The fact that it is spotted is a bonus as I really like spotted flowers.

The second Orchid is a little more typical of the species and also has a nice spotted appearance. I would have loved to visit Hawaii this winter but it wasn’t in the cards.

Our gardening season got shut down yesterday as we had a windy, rainy, cold, sleetly and snowy day. It is still snowing a little bit and there was enough overnight to cover the ground. I am sure it is just a minor set back but it is a little depressing.


The Blonde Duck said...

Thanks for coming by!

Misti said...

Haven't been here in quite awhile! Missing my orchids but am living out some of that love by watching one of my mom's Phal's put on a spike.

Kala said...

It's freezing cold here DF - spring is on hold for the time being. Love looking at these orchids, makes me believe flowers still bloom.