Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daylily - 'Mint Condition'

Hemerocallis 'Mint Condition'

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It has been a week or so since a Daylily was posted here so here we go again. The Daylilies bloomed so beautifully this year. Two years ago I did a big Daylily planting (the garden was fenced for deer) and this year when I went back it was amazing to see how much they had grown. Everywhere I went this summer it seemed there would be a lot of Daylilies. Maybe the conditions were favorable but it could also been that the flowers always bloom like that and I just noticed.

‘Mint Condition’ is a beautiful butter yellow diploid Daylily. It was introduced in 1983. It is quite tall and had a nice texture to the ruffled flowers.

This is kind of what I mean about seeing Daylilies everywhere. I pulled into an abandon commercial building near Westchester County Airport to make a phone call and there was an ocean of Daylilies blooming. Only a small patch is represented here it continued for several hundred feet and was across the street also. It was quite a nice red cultivar. There was also huge plantings of yellow and orange. They were perfect and had no maintenance.

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KathyLikesPink said...

Lovely! In the past couple of years I've planted quite a few daylilies. Love the yellow ones especially!

Lisa said...


Hootin Anni said...

Definitely mint condition...Love the vivid yellow. I can almost touch the 'velvety-ness' of it. Wow.

Mine's posted. Drop by, won't you? Have a great day.

Le Butterfly said...

Great photos - like the close ups.

WW by Simone's Butterfly

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

So very pretty. You shoot some beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

awesome shots, Chris

ChrisJ said...

I do love that coppery-colored day lily. I've started seeing some round here lately. They're not as splashy as some colors but perhaps you could call them sophisticated -- or just plain beautiful.