Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three Group Flower Shots

Three Group Flower Shots

This summer I have been working on my group and plant combination shots with varying amounts of success. I thought I would post a few. The first is Purple Coneflower with Black eyed Susans. Both perennials have been having a super stellar year and I have noticed the Black eyes pretty much combine with anything.

The second shot is from a garden that I visited a couple of weeks ago. The Phlox has also had a fabulous year without too many mildew problems. The Trumpet Vine in the back was well tended (cut back) and added nicely to the overall garden.

This third shot is some cultivar of Black eyed Susan and was shot with a relative shallow depth of field. Having the 24mm lens has helped being able to get a lot of flowers into one picture. I wondered why 24mm was so comfortable for me and figured out that is how wide the Coolpix 8400 lens is.

We are going on a non-botanical photography mission today. More about that later if any of the pictures come out.


i beati said...

just splendid .I want to be in that field sk

WiseAcre said...

As always - good photos. The first is what I dream about - fields of black eyed susans and coneflowers

Phlox have had a bad case of mildew here - it's rained so much and been so damp the phlox foliage is all white.

Don't make me laugh.

"if any of the pictures come out"

That's like me saying I might use rock in the garden