Saturday, August 09, 2008

Moon Vine

Moon Vine
Ipomoea alba
Synonyms: Moonflower, Giant White Moonflower, Calonyction

This is the third year in a row that the Moon Flowers have been done well in containers for us. I rarely get to see them because they are planted at work and it is a night blooming plant but I can tell they have been blooming by seeing all the spent flowers. Maybe I should grow one at home next year. Sometimes if it is a really dark and overcast sky there will be a few flowers open the morning. It is a classy looking vine during the day with big heart shaped leaves. The flowers sure are beautiful and wonderfully fragrant.

This was shot with my 60mm Nikon macro lens at 1/320 at F9. Not sure why it came out with the black background since it was in bright sun in the middle of the day. I am trying to figure it out so that I can try to do it with other flowers. The camera was set to minus 2/3 exposure compensation and was in the Aperture Priority Mode.


Anonymous said...

Stunning shot! i love to see what the aperture etc is at on photos so I can try to learn and recreate from those. I am a low fstop person, love the dreamy look of it.

Les said...

Very nice. It looks like it could have been the inspiration for a number of design motifs.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi misti, I like the low ap shots too. I have to balance having enough of the flower in focus. It is a challenge to work with the new 24mm/ 1.8 as the when it is stopped down the DOF is razor thin.

Thanks, Les.

Indrani said...

Amazing shot, you sure are experimenting with your new camera. :)

i beati said...

does the moon flower have an odiferous white bloom Mine died a nd I loved them so

Ryanne said...

that is so cool, I love how the bud thing is all twisty. That is a beautiful picture!