Thursday, August 07, 2008

Shasta Daisy - Switzerland

Shasta Daisy
Leucanthemum x superbum 'Switzerland'
(lew-KANTH-ih-mum) (soo-PER-bum)
Synonyms: Chrysanthemum x superbum, Chrysanthemum maximum

This picture was taken when I went to the nursery to pick up a few perennials and annuals. 'Switzerland' was looking good and I bought three without knowing anything about it. Some research has shown that is considered one of the longest blooming Shasta Daisies. That is always a plus. The flowers are quite large and really a nice pure white. I am looking forward to growing it a season or two and giving it a full review.

Shasta Daisies are easy to grow and very rewarding. I have found deadheading the spent blooms can really increase the flowering time. They combine well with other perennials and make a good cut flower. They like full sun and well drained soil.

This next picture is a Shasta that we grow a lot called ‘Becky’. It is nice that the flowers are large and overall the plant is bigger than most of the other cultivars. It sometimes flops over, which is a drag but all in all is a nice plant to have in the garden. I have heard that 'Becky' flowers have an unpleasant scent but not sure about that. I am going to have to smell one at work.

It sure has been a summer full of D’s. Dahlias, Daylilies and Daisies.

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ChrisJ said...

Those daisies, especially the three together, look just like the field English daisy (probably not in size),which is my favorite any way since they don't grow in our area. They always remind me of home.