Friday, August 08, 2008

Two More Daylilies

Two More Daylilies
Hemerocallis 'Woodside Amethyst'

A couple more Daylilies. The color on this one was pretty incredible and only partially represented by this photograph. It is a Trophytaker Daylily, which I originally thought, was a marketing gimmick but I see that are selected on six criteria, all which should in theory make a better garden plant:

1. Beauty: A Trophytaker® must reflect the beauty of modern daylilies. Most older varieties have less attractive flowers, often lacking the vigor and substance of today's new hybrids.

2. Hardiness: Many Daylilies have been selected for flower form, rather than hardiness. Trophytaker® Daylilies must be hardy to at least USDA Zone 5. Many should even prove to be hardy into Zones 3 or 4.

3. Fast Clumping: Gardeners want a nice clump quickly. A Trophytaker® will triple its fans the first year.

4. Bloom Period: The average Daylily blooms for approximately 21 days. Trophytakers® must at least double the average, blooming a minimum of 42 days at the research site.

5. Superior Foliage: Many Daylilies surrender to the elements by mid-summer. A Trophytaker® must maintain attractive foliage until late in the season.

6. Pest Resistance: Trophytakers® must be as insect and disease resistant as possible.

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'Woodside Amethyst' is a Diploid Daylily that gets to about 30 inches tall and blooms in the early to mid season.

In the weird but beautiful Daylily color category we have ‘Nile Plum’.

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