Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hybrid Tea Rose – Moondance

Hybrid Tea Rose – Moondance

This is the third time ‘Moondance’ has been featured on this blog. There must be something to it. Actually most all of the rose bushes at the Rose Garden were blooming. There were a couple of hundred flowers out. That surprised me a little since this is usually a time that the roses slow down a little and then start perking up in the fall. This Rose Garden is not one that is doted over, I am lucky if I spend a couple of hours a week or every ten days deadheading and pruning. If I spent more time than that there would be a lot more roses. For white roses in the garden, which symbolize innocence and purity, there is ‘Moondance’, ‘John F. Kennedy’ and ‘White Lighting’. Of the three whites ‘Moondance’ has been by far the best performer.

Class: Hybrid Tea
Origin: Dr. Keith W. Zary, US
U.S. Introduction: Jackson & Perkins Co., 2007
Petal Count: 26-40
Fragrance: Moderate
Parentage: Princess Alice × Iceberg
Synonyms: JACtanic
All-American Rose Selection 2007

This is a picture of the pink rose ‘Aromatherapy’. The purple rose is ‘Falstaff’. ‘Moondance’ is the white rose in the back with ‘Day Breaker’, ‘Dream Come True’ and the red is ‘Love’. This is about 10 or 12 of the 180 rose bushes in the garden.


Anonymous said...

well, I like the roses, but not the fragrance, btw I like your roses, it's reeeeally beautifull

Sarah Laurence said...

Lovely roses but what I really want to see are more puppy pictures of Juno. How adorable! What a perfect name for a husky. I see you've been to my hometown while I was in your mother's hometown. I love that pond and the brambles in NYC. I also enjoyed browsing through some photos on your website. Nice shots! What a pleasure to catch up.

Les said...

I just placed one of my 09 rose orders for work, and among the 545 that I ordered, Moondance was included. I had several customers ask for it this spring, enough so to add it to my list. Beautiful rose shots by the way, but the following shots of the begonias were stunning.

i beati said...

all the colors in harmony what a joyful sight!!